Learn more about Tiny but Mighty Chia seeds

Learn more about Tiny but Mighty Chia seeds

Sep 6th 2017

Health Benefits of Chia

Treat Diabetes

Chia seeds can help prevent diabetes since they are rich in alpha-linolenic acid and fiber. A study published in the journal Diabetes Care showed that in a study including 20 participants with diabetes, Chia Seed helped the participants control blood glucose and lower blood pressure. Eating a recommended amount of Chia Seed also helped lower triglycerides (blood fat levels).

Heart Health

Research shows that Omega-3 is essential to the human body because it helps lower LDL (bad cholesterol and increases HDL (good cholesterol). This is essential for a healthy heart because it helps maintain proper artery function. Chia Seed has both omega-3 ALA and DHA which are vital in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Lower Blood Pressure

Chia Seeds are high in Linoleic Acid (LA) which is yet another fatty acid that helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K that would otherwise be lost. Boasting these fats is essential in releasing the inflammation that can cause strain on blood vessels and lead to high blood pressure and an unhealthy heart.

Digestive Health

One of the reasons that Chia Seed is so good for the digestive system is due to the amount of fiber that it contains. Every tablespoon of Chia Seed contains 11 grams of fiber. Per dietitians one serving of Chia Seed can provide the recommended quantity of fiber necessary for a day. Having the necessary amount of fiber helps promote bowel regularity and helps avoid constipation. Chia Seed will also form a gel like substance when it is consumed and the digestive system can use it as prebiotic which aids in the growth of probiotics in the gut.

Fight Breast & Cervical Cancer

The Omega-3 ALA fatty acid that Chia Seed contains helps to contain the development of breast and cervical cancer cells. Many studies show that the ALA fatty acids cause death to cancerous cells but not to normal cells.

Stronger Bones

A tablespoon of Chia Seed contains at least 18% of the daily amount of Calcium. To maintain healthy bones, Calcium must constantly available. Chia Seed also contains boron which is not very often heard of but very important for bone health. Boron helps metabolize Calcium, Manganese and Phosphorous which helps bones and muscle remain strong as we age.

Build Muscle & Loose Fat

Chia Seed can help curve cravings because once it is consumed it will absorb a considerable amount of water and expand in the stomach. This allows us to eat food that will provide the nutrition for our bodies but that might not be so filling. Achieving the feeling of fullness can also curve junk food cravings.

Skin Repair & Aging Prevention

Chia Seed is the perfect supplement in a daily diet that can help achieve healthier skin because of all the antioxidants it contains. Researchers have uncovered that Chia contains natural phenolic concentrations two times higher than what had recently been reported. Antioxidants speed up the skin repair system and even prevent further aging. Consuming a recommended serving of Chia Seed can aid in preventing premature skin aging that would occur due to inflammation.

Improve Exercise Performance, Energy Boost & Metabolism

Chia was used in a study which compared a sports drink often used by athletes and a drink mix using Chia Seeds, in both situations athletes could complete their exercise routine equally. Per the study, Chia allows athletes to carbo load for endurance while increasing their nutrients. Consuming Chia Seed allows athletes to avoid consuming unnecessary amounts of sugar while increasing consumption of nutrients.

There is research that shows that that a drink containing chia can provide the same amount of energy and endurance that a sugar filed drink would provide. In addition, Chia Seed can help boost metabolism and reduce visceral adipose tissue (belly fat).

Dental Health

One of the most important things to maintaining a healthy smile is to make sure that Calcium, Phosphorous, Vitamin A and Zinc are constantly provided. Chia Seeds are packed with these nutrients and can easily provide the necessary nutrients that are necessary for tooth health. Zinc, which is also found in Chia, can prevent tarter and plaque because of its antibacterial effect that helps keep bad breath and germs away.