Chia Seeds and Digestive Health

Chia Seeds and Digestive Health

Nov 27th 2018

If you have done your research on Chia Seeds, then you are already aware of the benefits of their high fiber content.  Adding just one ounce of Chia Seeds to your diet can supply 44% of your fiber needs for the entire day. 

Because Chia Seeds are so rich in fiber, there are multiple ways this superfood can have a positive impact on digestive health.

Firstly, the fiber in Chia Seeds promotes regularity and increases frequency in order to prevent constipation. 

Secondly, when soaked in liquid, Chia Seeds swell and form a gel-like solution that moves through the body and clears out the digestive tract. 

This gel solution also prevents the quick break down of carbohydrates.  The faster carbs break down, the quicker they elevate blood sugar.  The slower carbs break down, however, the longer they take to digest.

Lastly, because Chia Seeds absorb water and expand in the stomach, they can help curb hunger and suppress appetite by making you feel fuller longer.

One consumer who purchased our Organic Black Chia seeds left the following review on Amazon:

“Great price, great product. You can do so many things with chia seeds. I am just learning all the possibilities. I take it for IBS. This brand comes in a plastic jar with a tightly sealed lid. Organic, Non GMO and Gluten Free. It has a nutty taste to it. I put it in my yogurt in the morning and usually put two scoops in a tall glass of water each day. I've felt so much better since starting these.”

When you combine the many nutritional benefits of Chia Seeds with the fact that they are very low calorie, then making the choice to add this superfood to your diet is a no-brainer!

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